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    im friendly persone, i like 2 enjoy myself, i like good company, looking 4 good friends
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    Basketball, football, music and camping
  1. keyoke

    Programm 24/25ter

    Guys, i am going to E werk this evening. There is a good party "Chartbreaker - don't stop the music". If you are also going let me know, i would be happy to meet up with you. have a good luck
  2. Wahrscheinlich bin ich heute im E-werk. Ich finde auch dass Das Publikum in Höhrsaal ist zu jung.
  3. keyoke

    Lair am 27.05.

    Bin auch dabei! Bis später
  4. keyoke

    25.02 Lairtreffen

    Heute klappt leider nicht, ich bin krank:(. Viel spass
  5. Ich bin auch dabei! Servus!
  6. keyoke

    Lairtreffen 14 Januar

    Bin auch dabei! Wo treffen wir bitte?
  7. Hi@all Happy new year and joy and happiness for you! Party!!! in Hörsaal or Paisley why not! so if it is still on, i am ready!
  8. Good luck bro. and i hope things will go as u want them to be.

    by me it's getting better and better!

    see you very soon!:)


  9. yeaH i know...school works really bad at the moment, girflfriend and my sports...next week there will be no near exam. i hope i´ll make it ;)

    how is this pickupthing workin for you?

  10. Dear friends, missed you all. Got lot of work these days but no way i'm gonna miss the meeting. see you next Thursday!
  11. Santa what's up?!

  12. Bro,

    Wie geht's dir?


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