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  1. Hi, sorry to dredge up an old thread, but I'm looking to do day or night game in Berlin with some guys who preferably aren't complete beginners. But if you're a good lad and fun to be around, then even that's not necessarily the end of the world. Let me know. T
  2. Hey, I`m newly single again and whilst that's been fun and all, I am not smashing it the way I normally do. Despite living here a while, I find I have no male friends in Berlin who have any game, everyone's so effeminate here. I need some good guy mates to deal with the distractions. I'm mildly rusty - I've spent the last few weeks getting the hottest girl in the bar's number, then having her invariably flake. But that's fixable easily enough, the much bigger problem I'm finding is just getting outnumbered by other guys. it doesn't matter how cool you are, if you don't have good solid guy friends with you, you look weak. Who wants to help me out here? I'm not bad at this stuff, and as long as you never try to snake a girl off of me and you're a decent guy, I'll guarantee I can help you get laid. Oh... And I'm looking for chaps who speak English to wing, which as far as I can tell is everybody here.. T
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